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SET Prod-Com at the

SANA monitoring clinic

It is a medical clinic dedicated to your health and beauty, active on the medical services market for over ten years. The team of highly competent doctors provides the best algorithm for screening, diagnosis, treatment and post-therapeutic follow-up in a personalized way. State-of-the-art medical equipment provides minimally invasive and painless treatments, intelligent light-based therapies, integrated and individualized solutions.

Products used in this project

Image 1.png


Aluminium stair nosing profile with non-slip PVC insert

Aluminium stair nosing profiles with anti-skid PVC inserts have a dual role: to protect the edges of the stairs from damage and to prevent slips. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.



Hull closing profile for PVC carpet

Profiles for PVC carpets are mainly used in the professional field, in places where perfect hygiene is very important. These profiles are recommended for linoleum-covered floors in medical institutes, hospitals, clinics, sanitary facilities and professional kitchens, etc.

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